Woman Goes Lorena Bobbitt on R— Perp


A woman has been accused of slicing off her boyfriend’s genitals after he allegedly tried to rape her teenage daughter Wednesday in India.

The girl was 14 years old and the incident reportedly happened in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh, according to a Times of India article published Thursday.

According to the report, the couple was living together because the woman had separated from her husband who was an alcoholic.

The woman claimed she had been working on a farm that day but upon her return home “caught him red-handed.”

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“He even attacked me while I was trying to save my daughter so I brought a knife from the kitchen and chopped off his private parts to teach him a lesson,” she explained, adding, “I have no regrets for what I did.”

In 2016, the Indian government advised women travelers not to wear skirts as a safety precaution as the country struggled with widespread violence against women, Breitbart News reported.

“India has seen an increase in violence against women in recent years, with foreign women experiencing some of the highest numbers of sexual assault. In some incidences, India has had to change its laws to allow for the prosecution of sexual assault in cases where the acts committed did not fit the old definitions of crimes,” the outlet said.

Earlier this year, a policeman in Uttar Pradesh was arrested for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl, according to a report.

The girl was trying to report a separate gang rape that allegedly happened a few days prior.

Authorities in Chaundali arrested the officer named Tilak Dhari Saroj on May 4 for the alleged sexual assault of the girl at the station he supervised in the Lalitpur district in April.

The victim was said to be a member of India’s lowest social caste.

A 2014 report claimed that two teenage Indian girls were found dead and their bodies hanging from a tree in Uttar Pradesh after their gang-rapists fled the scene. The young women were Dalits, members of India’s lowest caste.

The superintendent of police explained, “We now believe the girls were assaulted for their low caste.”

Per the Times of India report, police said the 32-year-old suspect was booked under section 376 (rape) of IPC and the Posco act.

The man’s condition was deemed critical and he was taken for treatment.

Original Article: Report Claims Woman Cut Off Man’s Genitals When He Tried to Rape Teen Daughter (breitbart.com)

  1. Leslie says

    This is justice @ it’s finest! Needs to happen more when “caught red handed”.
    Theft—lose a hand
    Murder—lose your life

    What’s so hard to understand

    1. William Milot says

      I couldn’t agree more! The problem in the USA is the extreme Left think women are are wanting it and have gotten a lot of stupid laws passed that are perverts candy stores! For instance, I don’t care what they “identify” as the hardest part of a rape is getting the victims pants down and bent over for access which is 90% of the Rape! Men in woman’s bathrooms is the one place where this is can be found consistently and SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED FOR ANY REASON! Biological men are much stronger than women and could knock most of them out with one blow preventing screaming for help till he’s done and long gone! If someone was trying to rape my 14 year old daughter and I walked in and caught them in the act a lot more than just his genitals would be chopped off! Some crimes are deserving of death and this is one of them. Sometimes the only way to assure the victim that he will never hurt them again is to know he’s dead and CAN’T EVER hurt them again! If more people understand that the wage of sin is death (like the liberal courts) they won’t commit the sin. The main problem is these liberal courts deliver such lean punishment (so they aren’t called a bad name) that the criminals have no fear of the punishment or any of the laws they are breaking! All of this has gone way too far and needs to change back to a time when we had real Law and order or it’s only going to get worse!

  2. 1947 says

    I guess he won’t have the balls to do that again.

    1. Leslie says


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