Woman Uses Her Gun to Take Out Mass Shooter


Democrats are attacking gun rights once again after the Robb Elementary School shooting of May 24 in Uvalde, Texas. While the mainstream media is acting as a broken record in endlessly repeating “guns are the problem,” stories of guns saving lives are being ignored for failing the liberals’ gun-bashing narrative.

Most American media outlets didn’t highlight the story of a brave woman in Charleston, West Virginia, who took out a dangerous criminal just as he opened fire at a gathering of people including children. The Free Though Project reported on May 28 that 37-year-old Dennis Butler parked at an apartment complex where some parents and children were celebrating a graduation party. He was armed with an AR-15 with which he fired at the gathering.

Luckily not everyone at the party was unarmed and a sitting duck. A woman, not named, was carrying her gun and, instead of panicking, she engaged and shot Butler dead before he could kill any of the people at the party. British daily The Sun reported that Butler had an extensive criminal record.

Butler had been arrested several times in West Virginia, but his charges kept getting dropped.

Despite being a convicted felon, Butler was able to get an AR-15 illegally and the police say they are investigating how that happened.

Not surprisingly, the media for the most part ignored this story that happened in the same week as the Uvalde shooting. Only in this case, a responsible and brave woman with a gun took out the potential mass murderer, which shatters the left’s narrative that guns are the problem and only law enforcement should carry guns. On the contrary, the Charleston story shows that a gun in the hands of a good citizen is more effective than a gun in the hands of a cop.

In his recent speech at the annual convention of NRA in Houston, President Trump honored Jack Wilson, who took out a shooter at a White Settlement church in 2019 after the shooter opened fire at the people attending the church service. Two men were shot dead by the shooter and he had many rounds to spray at the unarmed people. If it wasn’t for Wilson, who took the shooter out with a single bullet of his gun, there would have been many more killed and/or wounded.

Because of mainstream media’s leftist political agenda, the Charleston woman who saved lives with her gun won’t be celebrated as a hero. At best, a few leftist media outlets did short posts about her story. Even her name is not known yet, let alone a picture or a video interview. She is being hidden and excluded from public discourse because she is not a victim. And a brave woman with a gun, defending children and families from armed criminals, is the nemesis of establishment’s agenda of disarming citizens and empowering criminals.

  1. Bruce Fischer says

    Let the good guys have their guns!
    Maybe the bad guys will have second thoughts.

  2. Anonymous says

    I watch news everyday this is first I have heard of this happening!

    1. Leslie says

      MSM is not news. They just spin words around to help this administration with the lies.
      This is a positive thing and it goes against what liberals want you to think!

  3. Leslie says

    And they cherry pick words, so you never get the whole story, that usually spins it totally different than what it actually was!

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