Woman Who Drank Fish Cleaner is a Dedicated Democratic Donor


Surprise, surprise. Remember last week when that Arizona woman and her husband reportedly heard President Trump talking about the promise of chloroquine as a remedy for COVID-19 patients? Remember how the rest of us heard the same thing and thought, Oh, good, maybe there is some hope for the infected in the interim while we wait for a proper vaccine to be developed? Remember how this couple, instead, went digging through their pantry, found some fish parasite cleaner with a similar ingredient, diluted a bit of it in some water, and then tossed it down the hatch?

Yeah, that couple.

The man died shortly after taking this self-prescribed coronavirus cure and his wife wound up in critical condition. In the aftermath, she took to the news media to blame President Trump for her sudden misfortunes and warned the country not to listen to the president’s advice. Even though, quite obviously, Trump never advised Americans to treat themselves with fish tank cleaner. Nonetheless, the media happily used this couple’s idiocy as yet another means with which to attack and criticize President Trump.

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Well, now we know a little bit more about “Wanda,” the woman who ingested the fish-tank chloroquine.

“Federal Election Commission records show that Wanda has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic electoral groups and candidates over the past two years, including Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and EMILY’s List, a group that aims to elect pro-choice female candidates,” reports the Washington Free Beacon.

“Wanda told the Free Beacon that she and her husband were both Democrats, not Trump supporters,” the report continues. “They heard about the potential benefits of chloroquine, an antimalarial drug, in news reports. She decided at the ‘spur of the moment’ to try taking it, but reached for a fish tank cleaner in her pantry that contains chloroquine phosphate, a different and deadly form of the chemical. The Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency authorization for the use of chloroquine to treat coronavirus on Sunday.”

This is interesting, but we’re not quite sure why. It could be interesting because it shows you how stupid Trump Derangement Syndrome can make a person. On the other hand, it does make us wonder: Do we have actual confirmation from a medical source that Wanda and her husband actually took chloroquine? Or is this whole thing just some sort of hoax? Why, if you hate the president so much that you donated money to see him ousted…would you then take his word for it that you have a cure for the coronavirus hiding in your pantry? Something doesn’t add up here.

The simplest explanation – that these two are/were merely idiots – is probably the right one.

But it’s certainly curious…

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