Women’s March Cuts Ties with Anti-Semites, Hires People Even Worse

For some strange reason, it took nearly three months for the national Women’s March activist group to publicly announce that they had severed ties with their original trio of co-founders. Linda Sarsour, Bob Bland, and Tamika Mallory apparently left the group on July 15, but it was not until this week that the group divulged that information to the public.

You’d think that the Women’s March would shout this change of personnel to the rooftops, considering how much bad publicity the three founding members accrued for their organization. With their support for Louis Farrakhan and a disturbing collective history of anti-Semitism, the three founders were poison to any thought that the Women’s March might be able to expand into a sustainable national group.

But then we saw some of the people the group replaced Sarsour, Bland, and Mallory with…and it now makes a little more sense why they kept the switch under wraps. If anything, they might have flown straight from the frying pan and into the fire.

Feast your eyes on Zahra Billoo, the executive director of CAIR and one of 16 new members of the Women’s March board. Now, if you know anything at all about CAIR, you know that says enough about Billoo to make it clear where she’s coming from. This is one of the most reprehensible mainstream organizations in the United States – a front of radical Islam that is, for some reason, treated as though it is the Muslim equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League. It is nothing of the sort. It is – if not a direct supporter of jihadist terrorism itself (and there are reasons to believe that it is) – a powerful voice for political Islam, a strain of the religion that is nearly as dangerous as suicide bombs. If Billoo was the executive director of THAT, then it tells you all you need to know about what the Women’s March learned from that first round of terrible press: Exactly nothing.

But even ignoring her relationship to CAIR, Billoo’s social media history is enough to expose her true colors.

From The Daily Caller:

Billoo drew similarities on social media between America’s armed forces and terrorist organizations.

She justified boycotting “Wonder Woman” in 2017 because lead actress Gail Gadot served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), writing on Facebook and Twitter: “I similarly would not watch a movie where the lead actor or actress were proud of their participation in the US military, ISIS, or Al Qaeda.”

“Don’t guess, I’ll just tell you, I believe all of them are comparably evil,” she added.

In a February 2018 Facebook post, Billoo recounted confronting a former Marine recruiter working at a rental car company.

“He explained the promise of the educational benefits lured him in. He was otherwise not going to be able to go to school. I shared that financial benefits are often a recruiting tactic for groups like ISIS also. That was tricky for me. Gently comparing his experience to that of ISIS fighters,” she wrote on her public Facebook page. “I refrained from comparing him to a Nazi cook, who though a cook, was still part of the Nazi operation. It took a lot to not say it.”

In case that last post didn’t say it plainly enough, she spelled it out a couple of months later, telling her Facebook followers that she “doesn’t see any difference between American youth leaving the country to join ISIS or the IDF. Both are murderous, war crime committing, terrorist entities.”

There was once a time that it would have been unthinkable for a national activist group of this prominence to add such a sick puppy to their board of directors. But somehow, in the long years since 9/11, this kind of rhetoric is more – not less – acceptable to the left.

Says a lot.

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