“Worst Case Scenario” for Republicans


Monica Crowley, former U.S. assistant secretary of the treasury for public affairs, gave her take on another Obama candidate in the 2024 presidential race on “Jesse Watters Primetime” Thursday.

MONICA CROWLEY: Back in February at CPAC, I was the very first person as far as I know to actually raise Michelle Obama as a 2024 Democratic presidential possibility. And the entire room of thousands of people audibly gasped when I mentioned her name, because at the time she was not on anybody’s radar. 

And I was all, “don’t shoot the messenger,” because my message is, look, it doesn’t do Republicans any good to live in fantasy land or denial and not consider the worst case scenario for them in 2024. And in my opinion, the worst case scenario is Michelle Obama. 

She is very formidable. She remains very popular. She has the entire Obama machine behind her. She’s immune to criticism. 

And, you know, she’s following the exact same path that her husband followed before he got the Democratic nomination. She wrote her autobiography. She went on a national book tour. She has these big money deals.

And, of course, she’s got a voter registration organization, as Barack did before he ran. And perhaps the kicker: She delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention the last time around, just like Barack did. 

So for all the people out there saying, oh, “They’re making too much money, she’s not political.” That is all nonsense. 

Yes, they’re making a lot of money. But Michelle Obama has been incredibly political since the time she was a little girl tagging along with her father, who was a precinct captain for the Democratic machine in Chicago. 

Original Article: https://www.foxnews.com/media/monica-crowley-michelle-obama-worst-case-scenario-2024-immune-criticism

  1. Leslie says

    Yes, the Obama’s are still running things through Biden / Harris, and look how that’s turning out!
    Our Republic has been destroyed, while this administration including Obama has gotten richer while Americans suffer. Michelle does not care for WE THE PEOPLE any more than current administration!
    This would be as bad as having Harris as POTUS.
    We will be in serious trouble if a candidate who works for The People and America is not found and ELECTED, NOT ANOTHER APPOINTED IDIOT!

  2. but what obomba did for the black people ???????
    nothing and they are democrats and hate america and are still destroying america
    putting people against each other
    there will be a civil war
    she might as well be running with hillary

  3. Brown says

    Your out of your mind!

  4. Dennis says

    It would be the first he she .President….

  5. jeff says

    Just what we need, another America hater for president.

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