Would You Welcome Ukrainian Refugees To Your Neighborhood?


As the war in Ukraine rages on, President Biden is being pushed to prevent deportations of Ukrainian immigrants living in the US.

Activist groups and at least one Democratic senator are urging President Biden to give Ukrainians currently in the US protection from deportation – amid reports that the Department of Homeland Security is considering such a move.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, groups are arguing that the US should grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Ukrainian nationals already in the US. TPS protects nationals of designated countries living in the US from potential deportation if they are eligible, allows them to apply for work permits, and gives them the freedom to travel.

TPS status is granted based on three grounds: armed ongoing conflict, environmental disasters, or “extraordinary and temporary conditions.” The program has been criticized before by immigration hawks, who argue the designation often protects those here illegally and is extended well beyond the immediate time period of an initial emergency or crisis. Alternatively, the Biden administration could issue a similar Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) designation for Ukrainian nationals, which is issued at the president’s discretion.

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Activist groups have argued that given the armed ongoing conflict in Ukraine, it would be a straightforward decision. More than 170 such groups have already written to President Biden, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, urging them to designate Ukraine for TPS and DED and also grant students relief (SSR) – citing estimates that it would protect approximately 30,000 Ukrainians.

“Given the already unmet humanitarian need in the country and the effects of armed conflict with Russia, Ukraine is in no state to receive TPS/DED and SSR eligible Ukrainians,” the groups argue. “Returning these Ukrainians to an at-war country would further destabilize the precarious conditions.”

“For this reason, TPS/DED and SSR for Ukraine support humanitarian interests and address US foreign policy goals by alleviating pressure on the Ukrainian government while the crisis is underway and help stabilize Europe by not adding to the predicted refugee crisis. Returning these nationals to the country poses a serious threat to their personal safety,” they say.

In a separate statement, the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), one of the letters’ signees, said that “human lives depend on it.”

“War is evil and incongruent with our faith values to honor and protect human life. As we watch in horror the attacks unfolding in the neighborhoods and homes of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, we urge President Biden to protect human life by extending TPS, DED, and SSR to Ukrainians currently in the United States, “Anna Gallagher, CLINIC’s executive director, said in a statement.

Neither DHS nor anyone in the Biden administration has issued any statement regarding TPS or DED status for Ukrainians at this time.

However, CBS News reported that the administration is considering either TPS or DED for Ukrainian nationals, citing officials familiar with discussions.

That move has the support of Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., who has previously pushed for broad use of TPS to include El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.

“The war in Ukraine is exactly the type of crisis TPS was created for – to allow people to live and work in the United States when they are unable to return home safely,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, countries in Europe have been making exceptions to immigration rules due to the crisis. The UK. Home Office announced this week that Ukrainians who are on work, study, or visit visas in the UK will have them temporarily extended or shifted to another visa pathway.

  1. Mary F Cuddy says


    1. Kimmie says

      They will be given money from your taxes, we have enough debt

    2. Christiann says

      Only if the already illegals in America are deported and the southern border completely secure.

  2. Anonymous says

    Yes, for the Ukrainian people. However, not like the Southern Border is being handled. Biden is a failure

  3. Pres Lee Presley says

    Damn right we would welcome refugees from Ukraine. As Biden has financed the war at taxpayers expense why not trade him as a hostage for a few thousand refugees. At least they know hoe to love and fight for their Country.

  4. J G says

    Why not?! It’s better than the thousands of un-vetted Afghan refugees, including some with known terrorist ties, that he let loose in this country. This incompetent White House even lost track of the ones found to be on the terrorist watch list.

    1. Pr says

      Hit the nail on the head..but the demonrats love illegals and muslims more,they’d vote demonrat.
      Personally,I’m an avowed islamaphobic,because I like living with my head attached.

      1. Boris Ioffe says


  5. Kelly says

    My answer is no. The US is not the dropping off point for foreign nationals and then US citizens to support. Ukraine needs to fight for her freedom. We are helping with funds and weapons. We’re not responsible for her citizens.

  6. William Harris says

    I would be happy to have ukraine refugees in our community and I WOULD SPONSER THEM

  7. Kimmie says

    They would surely vote Democrat, which seems to be why immigrants are sooooo important to Biden administration. He could have stopped this war, when Putin started lining up on the borders he should have started cutting them off, waiting till he pulled the trigger was too little too late. Build back better? Call me crazy, last time I checked, you can’t build anything without gas and oil. Isn’t it crazy that bill Clinton was impeached for his bad sexual behavior, which did not affect the safety, the price of gas or cause any inflation, yet joe Biden sits up in Washington pondering and “ trying to figure out “ why the immigrants are coming over here( even though the border is wide open, and they are fleeing 3rd world countries) and shut down our natural resources, causing gas prices to sky rocket, and then say over and over and over “ build back better”? What the hell are you building without gas and oil? I get saving the planet, but when you are using gas and oil and buying it from other countries that are pumping it out of the ground the same way we are, how is that helping the situation? It’s not America warming, it’s GLOBAL WARMING. the fact that he opened the border and has yet to admit much less do anything about it is enough to impeach him, he has put all of us at risk ,all because of his spite for Trump at the expense of the American people. So in a nutshell, you better not get your wad sucked in the Oval Office, you will get impeached for that, but you can ruin the financial status of this country, stand up on live tv, lie through your teeth, not take responsibility for your bad decisions,blame everyone else for inflation,and no one cares. WELCOME TO THE NEW AMERICA, WE ARE TRULY SCREWED. We may skip socialism and slip right on into communism. And now Texas has Beto running for governor, it’s not getting better people, the worst is yet to come if Texas turns blue, that crazy piece of shit will not only open the border completely, he will probably change the pronunciation of Texas to Tejas, we are in deep shit. So yes I completely expect Biden to bring more immigrants here, they are trying to get rid of republicans forever. So sad
    P.S. I will never recycle a god dam thing ever again, if he can do what he’s doing and get away with it, I should not have to sort my trash, why save a planet we can’t afford to live in?FJB 86/46

    1. Blanca Holland says

      I recycle the vegetable peels and fruits to the compost: anything else to garbage can. Because these democrat-socialist party president and administration don’t care for America and our families nor the planet: if they did they wouldn’t travel in motorcade ,nor fly,nor get on a pleasure boat etc . Also their homes should be solar,wind,woodstove, and candle light. So forget about saving the planet: they’re working on nuking it: that’s why they’re searching for another liveable planet to destroy.

    2. Boris Ioffe says

      That’s right. Completely agree

  8. Karen says

    Yes for any of these people. No to anybody breaking our laws and coming in over Southern Border.

  9. ONLYJB1 says

    We have people crossing our southern border that I would not allow them a foot on my place. They want all the freebies they have been promised. A Ukrainian on the other hand just wants FREEDOM from Russia. As compared to our southern border invaders, Ukrainians are civilized, hard working, freedom loving people. Sure they have a corrupt government and businesses, what country doesn’t?

    1. GolanTrevize8 says

      Exactly. How people can not discern the difference is beyond comprehension. Ukrainian’s are willing to fight and die for their country, they are not asking to come here for handouts. Whereas far too many that are allowed to enter illegally through our Southern border are drug dealers, human traffickers, thieves, murderers or just looking for the free stuff they were promised for sneaking over the border.

  10. earl says

    Ukraine, YES.. They are more honorable, trustworthy and likeable than our Southern border invaders.

  11. Robert says

    Any Ukraine refugees are very welcome in my neighborhood and city

  12. william fordin says


  13. Jim says


  14. zenaida tandoc says

    yes,Love your neighbor as yourself– 2 law of God

  15. Dennis Eugene Mcknight says

    I would rather have people who need help right now. the illegally are still human beings, but they can survive & than can come like our President Trump said the correct way. This is a sad situation for both categories of people, they want USA freedom, & we have idiots in congress who hate this great country. I wish they could change places. Yes let them in.

  16. Lisa says

    Yes. We never know in these end times what type of situation awaits us.

  17. A. Kemeny says

    I wish there was an email address or phone number that we could use to sign up to sponsor a family. I have an apartment and would be willing to take in a mother and her children until they can return home. Thank God there are people still in the world willing to fight for freedom. I pray for their deliverance.

  18. Diane Jungkunz Malcolm says

    Yes I would help Ukrainian families to my home .

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