Writer: Clinton Victory Will Bring “New Age of Public Misogyny”

The Atlantic’s Michelle Cottle is thrilled about the prospect of America electing its first female president, but she warned readers this week that a Hillary Clinton victory could “usher in a new age of public misogyny.”

“Despite progress in the business world,” wrote Cottle, “women as top executives still prompt an extra shot of public scrutiny. (Just ask Marissa Mayer or Sheryl Sandberg or Carly Fiorina.) And just as Barack Obama’s election did not herald a shiny, new post-racial America, Clinton’s would not deliver one of gender equality and enlightenment. As the culture changes, people who resent that change start freaking out, others look to exploit their fear, and things can turn really, really nasty on their way to getting better.”

This is a revealing look into the dark, fearful mind of a liberal; even as this feminist stands waiting for an undeniably historic moment in U.S. politics, she’s already imagining all the ways President Clinton (II) will be savagely attacked by the country’s insecure men. In fact, Ms. Cottle believes that these attacks are already happening:

It does not help that Trump has been ginning up anti-woman sentiment, said Jennifer Lawless, director of the Women & Politics Institute at American University. “He has really motivated a lot of his supporters to be concerned and sort of feed on this gender resentment – the idea that women are getting too far, that Hillary is getting too far and is not really qualified, and that the only reason she has been successful is because she is a woman,” said Lawless.

They aren’t even bothering to present evidence for their claims anymore. The liberal bubble has grown so opaque that these pundits simply assume that everyone reading already agrees with them. After all, the people who disagree are probably too illiterate to read a publication of such literary esteem as The Atlantic. Maybe if you were writing for Highlights or something, a little bit of explanation would be necessary, but hey, WE all know that Trump is a sexist, racist monster; what proof is needed?

What this actually shows us is that (in the worst of all possible timelines) President Hillary Clinton will be immune to legitimate criticism, much like the man holding the office right now. Whenever backed into a corner, her defenders will play the sexism card and ignore the substance of the argument. Under this framework, we’ll once again have a president free from the essential public scrutiny that holds politicians in check.

And just look how well that’s turned out.

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