YouTube “Fact-Checking” Videos That Question Climate Change Narrative

Big Tech to the rescue again, saving all the plebes from themselves and the evil, evil conservatives who might encourage them to actually use that hunk of matter resting inside their skulls. In a month where Facebook, Spotify, and Apple have banned Alex Jones from their platforms, where Silicon Valley representatives have had to defend their anti-conservative censorship in front of Congress, and where Twitter has been caught hiding prominent Republicans in their search results, it’s only fitting that YouTube roll out their new policy on climate change videos.

According to Buzzfeed, the most popular video site on the internet will now add “fact checks” to content that questions the mainstream narrative on man-made climate change. These fact checks will come in the form of Wikipedia blurbs, which promote the scientific consensus that the earth is heating up due to fossil fuels, the glaciers are melting, and it’s only a matter of months before New York City is under 100 feet of ocean water.

YouTube’s crackdown on alternate climate views will be part of the same rollout that adds fact check blurbs to videos about the moon landing, the Oklahoma City bombing, and other topics that regularly invite conspiracy theories. In other words, as far as YouTube is concerned, any outlook on climate change that departs from the mainstream storyline is basically akin to theories about reptilian overlords. Something tells us that the head honchos as Google never actually watched any of these videos, or they might have realized that there’s more to this whole climate change story than what Leonardo DiCaprio or Al Gore is telling you.

Climate change may or may not be a product of junk science, but it is certainly not the proven scientific theory that the mainstream media would have you believe. Predictions that were made back in the early 90s have spectacularly failed to come true. What makes anyone believe that the predictions being made now will be any different? The point is that there is an enormous space for reasonable, healthy debate on this subject, and there is no reason whatsoever for the Powers That Be to limit or censor that debate.

Well, we take that back – there IS one reason. It’s that they’re afraid that once people start thinking for themselves on this topic – once they see that there’s more to this story than meets the eye – they will lose one of the most powerful propaganda tools in their arsenal.

And that’s all the reason they need.

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