Did FBI Let Islamists Attack a Texas Cartoon Contest?

Not long after the brutal 2015 slaying of 11 Charlie Hebdo employees in Paris, Americans were shocked when two men – Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi – opened fire on a “Draw

North Korea Warns of “Super-Mighty” Strike Against U.S.

In North Korea’s state newspaper this week, the Kim Jong Un regime warned the U.S. that it was prepared to unleash a devastating preemptive attack against its enemies. Days after Secretary of

Did Trump Deport a DREAMer? DHS Says No

The Trump administration is pushing back on claims that they deported one of Barack Obama’s precious DREAMers in February. While the mainstream media, including USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, have

New Book Chronicles the Disastrous Hillary Clinton Campaign

A new book from Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes gives readers an inside look at Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the disastrous decisions that led to one of the most stunning election

Secretary Kelly: The Law Deports People, Not Me

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly was on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this weekend, where he said that President Trump remained committed to securing the border and removing illegal immigrants from the United

Something Must Be Done About Violent Left-Wing Groups

Dozens of people were arrested in Berkeley, California this weekend after pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters clashed in the city’s MLK Civic Center Park. Approximately 200 people converged on the park Saturday, and

U.S. Drops Monster Bomb on ISIS Forces in Afghanistan

Afghanistan officials estimate that 36 Islamic State terrorists were killed Thursday when the U.S. dropped the MOAB on the Nangarhar Province along the Pakistani border. And while a body count like that

Will Trump Throw Bannon Overboard for Jared Kushner?

According to reports in Axios, the New York Post, and elsewhere, the infighting within the West Wing is growing so intolerable that President Trump may be ready to choose sides and dispense

The FBI’s Secret Surveillance of Trump Associate Carter Page

The Washington Post dropped a bombshell on Tuesday, reporting that the FBI and the Justice Department applied for and received a secret FISA warrant to spy on energy consultant Carter Page, who

Mother Jones Editor: “Tomahawk” Missile Name is Offensive

The liberal editor of Mother Jones made a fool of herself this week with a unique opinion on Donald Trump’s Syria strikes. In a tweet, Clara Jeffery said, “That the missiles are