Cruz Sees the Light; Glenn Beck on Suicide Watch

With less than two months to go until the election, Sen. Ted Cruz has finally decided that his stubborn refusal to support Donald Trump isn’t helping anyone – least of all himself.

Crowds vs. Polls: Predicting the 2016 Election

Does voter enthusiasm translate into electoral victory? If so, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. For the duration of his campaign, both in the primaries and in

Liberals Horrified By Trump’s “Stop and Frisk” Proposal

Donald Trump championed the police technique of “stop and frisk” on Wednesday in an interview with Sean Hannity that’s scheduled to air on Thursday night. While it’s not clear whether Trump meant

Hillary’s IT Guy Asked Reddit For Help in 2014

Between their love for Bernie Sanders in the primaries and the success of The_Donald, Reddit has become a major player in the 2016 presidential race. Now the social networking site is once

CNN Adds “Racial” to Trump’s Call for Profiling

On Monday, following a bomb blast in New York City that injured at least 29 individuals, Donald Trump said that these “lone wolf” attacks were difficult to stop because of liberal attitudes

Trump’s Outreach to Black Voters Is Working

After all this time, who could have known that there was really only one thing standing in the way of the Republican Party gaining support in the black community? And who could

Media Warns: Without Us, Trump Could Become Dictator

Donald Trump pulled a fast one on the mainstream media last Friday, building up a major announcement on Barack Obama’s citizenship that turned into a one-line dismissal surrounded by an amusing publicity

Mother Celebrates Turning Her 6-Year-Old Boy Into a Girl

Novelist Laurie Frankel penned an essay for the New York Times this weekend, and readers can only hope that her “Modern Love” tale is as fictional as her usual book-length output. Because

L.A. Times Surprised to Find Diversity Among Trump Supporters

The Los Angeles Times was surprised this week to find gays, Hispanics, and black Trump supporters at the campaign’s Long Beach office, right in the heart of East Anaheim’s Cambodia Town. The

Whites and Christians Abandoning the Democratic Party

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, the Democratic Party is being abandoned by two of the country’s biggest demographics: whites and Christians. “Non-Hispanic whites make up 57 percent of all