Dr. Drew Questioned Hillary’s Health…and Lost His Job

If there was a special unemployment office for TV pundits and celebrities, what would it look like after CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and MSNBC finished firing everyone who had speculated on Donald

Trump Simply Won’t Stop Telling the Truth

By now, you’ve probably seen the clip a dozen times. A woman sitting behind Donald Trump at a Jackson, Mississippi rally, reacting in confused shock as the Republican nominee launched a new

Army PowerPoint Lists Hillary as an “Insider Threat” to U.S.

Barack Obama kept company with a wide selection of thugs throughout the years, but not even Obama could be lumped in with the likes of Islamic terrorists. According to at least one

Clinton’s Health: Concern or Conspiracy Theory?

From Tim Kaine’s Private Journal: Entry: 8/22/2016 Progress on Trump impersonation is slow. I must stop mimicking Darrell Hammond and start channeling the man himself. The gestures are on point. It’s the

Judge Blocks Obama’s Transgender Directive to Schools

With everything going on in America today, it’s easy to fall into a deep pessimism about the future of this country. Under President Barack Obama, we have shifted so far away from

If Trump Can Turn Black Voters, the Democrats Are Finished

Donald Trump pursued an extraordinary new campaign direction last week, reaching out to a voting block typically ignored by Republican presidential nominees: African-Americans. “If African-American voters give Donald Trump a chance by

Trump’s First Ad Puts Focus Back on the Border

Donald Trump released his first ad of the general election on Friday, using it to show voters what’s really at stake in this election. It opens with a colorless image of Hillary

At Long Last, the Real Donald Trump has Returned

By hiring Breitbart chief executive Stephen Bannon and longtime friend and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump is finally embracing the only “pivot” he ever needed: The one that lets him be

Writer: Clinton Victory Will Bring “New Age of Public Misogyny”

The Atlantic’s Michelle Cottle is thrilled about the prospect of America electing its first female president, but she warned readers this week that a Hillary Clinton victory could “usher in a new

Cecile Richards: “Making the World Safer for Abortion”

In the Washington Post this week there was a shameless celebration of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. With ample assistance from stories like this one, Richards is quickly becoming a hero to

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