HOT SEAT: Senate Poses Serious Questions to Obama’s Attorney General

Let’s face it: The investigation into Donald Trump’s “collusion” with the Russians is an almost-uniquely one-sided affair. It’s Democrats (and a few NeverTrump Republicans who want things to go back to the

Trump on Mueller Investigation: “Whole Thing is Ridiculous”

In an interview with Fox & Friends on Friday, President Trump took a dim view of the allegations against him that claim members of his campaign – if not the candidate himself

BIG WIN: California Drops Bogus Charges Against Pro-Life Investigators

Fully under the thumb of the abortion racket known as Planned Parenthood, California prosecutors were compelled to bring charges last year against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the investigators behind the Center

RESISTANCE FAIL: Georgia Republicans Fend Off National Democrat Invasion

For weeks, liberal Democrats have been telling us that the outcome of Georgia’s Sixth District Congressional race will tell us the story of just how damaging the Donald Trump presidency has been

Oops: MSM Makes Huge Mistake Publicizing Muslim Girl’s Murder

After the attack on Muslims in London, the Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets couldn’t believe their luck. Only a little while later, a 17-year-old Muslim girl in Virginia was murdered

Democrats Plotting and Scheming to Save Obamacare

Senate Republicans are determined to pass their version of a new healthcare bill by July 4th, and Democrats are preparing various ways to make sure that doesn’t happen. According to a new

“Conservative” NYT Writer: Deport Lazy Americans, Not Illegal Immigrants

The New York Times hired a new “conservative” columnist a few months ago who made a big splash when he dared to question the political motivations behind the climate change movement. Well,

Father of Released Hostage BLASTS Obama for Willful Incompetence

President Obama’s handling of North Korea was lazy at best and incompetent at worst, and his administration’s failure to take action has had terrible consequences on a global level…and a personal one.

Liberal Hate Comes Home to Roost in Virginia

As a general rule, the liberals will always default to the gun control argument after a sensationalized shooting, but it’s a fallacy that they ALWAYS go in that direction. The truth is

ICE Director on Illegals Being Afraid of Deportation: GOOD!

Damn, it is refreshing to see our government officials talking sense when it comes to illegal immigration. The media, the Democrats, and the Obama administration were – and are – so far