Highlights Magazine Rolls Out the LGBT Propaganda

Highlights magazine, that staple of pediatric waiting rooms everywhere, is jumping headfirst into the culture wars. The magazine, intended for children getting their first exposure to the written word, has confirmed that

Democrats: We Won’t Help GOP Replace Obamacare

In Wednesday’s edition of his Washington Post column, The Plum Line, Greg Sargent related an interview with Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer in which Schumer said his caucus would rather let American

If Hillary Had Won, “Fake News” Would Not Be a Thing

A couple of days after the election, after the elitists in the media had finally absorbed the shock and had finished re-writing all of those well-researched pieces on “Madam President,” we finally

Democrats Plan to Use Confirmation Hearings for Revenge

Several Democrats in the Senate have vowed to punish Republicans for their treatment of Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland by making it as difficult as possible to confirm Donald Trump’s Cabinet appointments.

Report: Illegal Immigrants “Eager” to Be Captured by U.S. Officials

NBC News embedded reporters with U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents for two days and learned that not only is there an intense surge of Central American border crossings in recent weeks,

NY Times: “Fantasy” That Guns Can Be Used for Self Defense

The latest anti-gun rant from The New York Times editorial board is a perfect example of how far this once-respected rag has fallen. The editorial, which barely exceeds 300 words, reads as

Black Activist Wakes Up to Democrat Party Racism

Shaun King, one of the most prominent online voices in the Black Lives Matter movement, had an epiphany this week in his latest New York Daily News column. Namely, he realized that

Mitt Romney Sings Trump’s Praises After Two Hour Dinner

It would have been only slightly more shocking if Donald Trump nominated Hillary Clinton to a cabinet position. The news that Trump was considering Mitt Romney for secretary of state was almost

Trump Lashes Out At Clinton News Network

Last week, President-elect Donald Trump held a media summit at Trump Tower, where he reportedly spent twenty minutes scolding some of the most powerful men and women in the television news business.

Trouble in TrumpLand? Kellyanne Conway’s War on Romney

Is Kellyanne Conway going rogue? That’s the question on everyone’s minds after Donald Trump’s top adviser appeared on three different Sunday morning news shows to openly criticize Mitt Romney, who is reportedly