New Texts: FBI Investigators Already Knew the Ending to Clinton Case

The deeper Republican lawmakers delve inside the text messages exchanged between FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, the worse things look. Already, congressional investigators have exposed

Days Into Shutdown, Democrats Realize They Made a Big Mistake

Only one day after the federal government went into shutdown mode over Congress’s failure to come together on a new spending bill, one of the most pro-immigration Democrats in the party is

Explosive New Classified Document May Bring Mueller Investigation Crashing Down

According to Sara Carter, one of the few reporters willing to expose the truth about the conspiracy to end Donald Trump’s presidency, an explosive new classified document is currently being reviewed by

Colleges Enlist SJW Students to Snitch on Their “Offensive” Classmates

Williams College in Massachusetts is the latest school to embrace the cultural Marxism that is quickly and efficiently imposing punishment-enforced speech codes on students across the country. These codes, dripping with the

Can a California Jury Bring Themselves to Convict Cop-Killing Illegal Alien?

You would think it to be a no-brainer. An illegal immigrant admits that he shot and killed two Sacramento-area sheriff’s deputies in October 2014 in addition to shooting a motorist in the

Gitmo Terrorists: Trump is Anti-Muslim, So We Should Go Free

Both of our previous president – George W. Bush and Barack Obama – expressed the desire to close the military detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but neither of them ultimately made

DACA Debate Shows the Unbelievable Arrogance of Democrats

There was, for a moment, a spark of hope. When we saw the headline in the Opinion section of the New York Times, we thought there were at least a few people

Trump Warns Allies: Fix Iran Deal or the U.S. Will Withdraw

President Trump once again decided to keep the United States in the Iran nuclear agreement on Friday, but he sent a message to our European partners in the deal at the same

Get the Fainting Salts, Trump Used a Bad Word!

The effete dandies in Washington and the media got a collective case of the vapors on Thursday when reports came out about a bipartisan immigration meeting President Trump held in the Oval

Democrats Suddenly Want Us to Forget About the Trump Dossier

Democrats on the House and Senate committees investigating the Trump/Russia collusion case are accusing their Republican colleagues of spending undue time on the issue of the infamous dossier in an attempt to