This Teacher’s Response to School Shooting is the Best We’ve Read

A teacher in Florida had one of the best responses to the school shooting in Parkland last week – a Facebook post that recognized that there is something sick in our society

White House Slams Dems on Immigration, But What About These 8 Republicans?

After several immigration bills failed to get 60 votes in the Senate on Thursday, the White House released a statement blaming the Democrats for failing to take the issue of DACA legislation

Braindead Celebs Blame Republicans for Latest School Shooting

We tuned into the news the moment we heard about the latest tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday. Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised to see the hosts and panelists

“Racist” National Anthem Banned From California High School Events

Is the national anthem too racist for school events? That’s the prevailing wisdom at California High School in San Ramon where student leadership officials have decided to ban the “Star Spangled Banner”

CNN’s Fake News Rollercoaster Comes to a Spectacular Crash

Well, you didn’t exactly need a crystal ball to see this coming. CNN isn’t necessarily the only mainstream media property which has made fake, biased news their calling card since Donald Trump

Media: Trump is a Dictator, But Kim Jong Un’s Sister is a DELIGHT!

If it hadn’t happened already, this was the weekend that the anti-Trump “resistance” truly jumped the shark. No one can possibly take it seriously anymore after the media – social and broadcast

The FBI Botched the Hell out of the Hillary Clinton Investigation

While the subject of the headline will inspire a clear “duh” in the mind of anyone with two brain cells to rub together, we’re newly astounded at just how sloppy, insincere, and

Whoa: FBI Informant Rips the Lid Off the Uranium One Scandal

In a bombshell statement to three congressional committees, FBI informant Douglas Campbell said Thursday that the Russian government had poured millions of dollars into the U.S. with the intention that it would

New Text Messages Prove One Thing: Barack Obama Lied

Someone needs to demand that every single available text message that was sent between the star-crossed FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page be released to the public, because it seems that

Harvard: No More Single-Gender Clubs (Except for Women)

Harvard University, desperate to be on the frontlines of the latest trends in social justice, decided last year that it would no longer allow sororities, fraternities, or any other sponsored student organizations