In Victory for Trump, Kim Says He’s Ready to End Nuclear Testing

There are two ways to look at Kim Jong Un’s announcement on Friday that he is prepared to give up any further nuclear testing as well as the testing of intercontinental ballistic

It’s Obvious Why They Kept the Comey Memos Under Wraps

Under threat of being held in contempt of Congress, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein decided to reluctantly hand the James Comey memos over to Republican lawmakers on Thursday; they were predictably and

Police Think Unhinged Leftists Will Riot if Trump Fires Mueller

Pittsburgh Police are preparing for the possibility that President Donald Trump may choose to fire special counsel Robert Mueller. Why would they care one way or the other about that eventuality? Because

David Hogg Clings to Fame with One Last Boycott Attempt

With approximately thirty seconds left on his fifteen minutes of fame, gun control activist David Hogg is exercising his waning power with a new boycott aimed at two mutual fund companies. In

Robert Mueller: Fake News Being Spread About Investigation

One of the biggest bombshells of the week came late last Friday, courtesy of McClatchy News. According to the report, sources within the Special Counsel’s office confirmed that Robert Mueller possessed evidence

AP History Book: Trump Won Voters With “Not-Very-Hidden Racism”

Thanks to a morning radio show in Indiana, we’re getting our first look at the next Advanced Placement U.S. History Book to hit high schools around the country. The book, written by

Trump: Comey Belongs in Jail, Not on a Book Tour

President Donald Trump blasted former FBI Director James Comey for the second time this week in a barrage of tweets Sunday morning, hours ahead of the latter’s highly-publicized ABC interview with George

Cory Booker: Champion of Islam and…Gay Rights?

Cory Booker’s political star has fallen quite a bit since he was the insurgent mayor of Newark, New Jersey, but he has managed to get himself a nice, cozy spot in Washington

Three Ways Robert Mueller Can Redeem Himself

CNN and The New York Times are reporting new details about the raid of President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. According to inside sources, the warrant that permitted the FBI to go

This is an All-Out Assault on the Will of the People

In an interview with Fox News on Tuesday, Sen. Rand Paul – who has never gone out of his way to be a “Trump loyalist” – said that there was something despicable